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Beginner Pole

Your Pole addiction starts here. NO previous experience required! Our beginner classes are designed to teach you the basics of Pole while maintaining correct form and technique.

The foundational aspects of Pole revolve around developing your upper body and core strength, your flexibility, and your sense of fun and adventure! If you have never danced a step in your life, never done a pull up, never touched your toes - then Beginner Pole is for you! No age/weight/experience/skill level is incompatible with Beginner Pole, all you need is a dash of bravery to have a go at something new and then let the amazing transformation begin!

Pre-Intermediate Pole

Pre-intermediate Pole bridges the gap between beginner pole and intermediate and focuses on strength and conditioning to achieve inverts and leg hangs to prepare you for intermediate-level classes.

Intermediate Pole

Intermediate offers a larger range of upside down tricks for students to master. You will be progressing leg hangs and incorporating transitions between tricks to create combos up the pole.

Pre-Advanced Pole

This class is dedicated to broadening your skill range whilst simultaneously enhancing your strength and flexibility to prepare you for more advanced, strength-based tricks.

Learn how to smoothly move through multiple aerial trick transitions whilst maintaining control and technique at all times. You will be working on dynamic drops, flexibility, and strengthening the major muscle groups required to move your pole journey up to the next level!

Advanced Pole

For all those polers who have reached a level of autonomy in their training but are seeking instruction on the latest new tricks and transitions, Advanced Pole is for you. Each class will work toward increasing your core strength and building new and exciting variations off the classic moves you’ve already mastered.

You will be learning advanced tricks and combinations both aerially and from the floor, and will be exploring new ways to transition from pole to floor and back again in smooth, acrobatic ways. To maintain your foundational moves, each class will also focus on conditioning your deadlifts, grip changes for Ayesha, shoulder mounts and increasing your flexibility.

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is the ultimate form of exercise for anyone who is seeking to become more in tune with their body and expand their capabilities. For this class you will be using a specially installed, engineer-certified aerial hammock (that can support up to 800kg!), which hangs around hip-height, whilst being supervised and assisted as needed by a qualified instructor.

Using elements of traditional yoga and Pilates, Aerial Yoga works to strengthen and correct muscle imbalances. The carefully explained and executed suspended postures are fantastic for stretching and decompressing spine and alleviating tension.


Watch your flexibility, strength and overall body tone develop before your eyes in Pilates!

With a focus on core, toning arms, legs and posterior whilst improving your flexibility at YOUR pace, Pilates is open to ALL levels of fitness. There are no prerequisites or expectations of students for this class; come as you are, leave even better!

Pole Flow / Lyrical Pole / Exotic Pole

No previous experience required! Our Pole Flow classes are designed to use basics of Pole with the added mix of dance! This class is open to all levels of pole experience and is an hour dedicated to a short routine full of energy and sensuality. If you're looking to sweat it out and have a flow around the pole then this class is for you!


Don’t be afraid - you do NOT need to be able to do the splits or bend in half to participate in this class! Stretch is designed to enable you to learn how to stretch comfortably and safely, without risk of injury. This class will develop your understanding of exactly what stretching does for your body, and the most efficient and safe methods to go about it. Contortion is not just bending yourself into weird shapes!

The purpose of contortion is to achieve the active flexibility to control where your body goes. There are still people performing contortion professionally in Cirque du Soleil and all over the world in their 50s and later! So regardless of your current flexibility level, EVERYONE can benefit from both the exercises taught in class and the information and knowledge provided by the instructor on how to enhance your flexibility outside of class.

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