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Rokh Fit is a studio dedicated to Pole Fitness, Aerial Yoga, Dance, Strength and Fitness for beginners through to professionals.

Forget waiting for machines & repetitive exercises, forget bad music and sweaty equipment, forget wasted memberships, forget 24/7 gyms.
At Rokh Fit, we do things differently.

Beginner Pole

Your Pole addiction starts here. NO previous experience, strength, flexibility or coordination required! Our beginner classes are designed to teach you basics moves and transitions with a focus on correct form and technique to prepare you to progress through the levels.

Pre-Intermediate Pole

Pre-intermediate Pole involves more advanced upright spins progressing the movems learnt in beginner. You will work on jamilla, skater, inverts and leg hangs to prepare you for intermediate-level classes.

Intermediate Pole

Intermediate offers a larger range of upside down tricks for students to master. You will be progressing leg hangs and incorporating transitions between tricks to create combos up the pole. 

Pre-Advanced Pole

In pre-advanced you will work on ayesha, handsprings, aerial inverts, aerial shoulder mounts and aerial combinations.

Advanced Pole

Advanced Pole is for those who have reached a level of autonomy in their training but are seeking instruction on the latest new tricks and transitions.

Party and Performance

Experience the excitement of a pole dancing class and performance for your next special occasion!

See our Parties and Performance page for more information.


We run kids classes during school terms with a range of classes including:

  • Tiny Tots (walkers -4 years)
  • Rokh Stars (6-11 years)
  • Rokh Stars (11-16 years)

Kids will work on a combination of aerial apparatus’ including silks, lyra, rings, aerial hammock and pole. Designed and taught by paediatric physiotherapists you can be assured your child will be learning correct technique whilst having fun!

Aerial Strength and Stretch

Using elements of traditional yoga and Pilates, Aerial Yoga works to strengthen and correct muscle imbalances. The carefully explained and executed suspended postures are fantastic for stretching and decompressing spine and alleviating tension.

Pole Flow / Lyrical Pole / Exotic Pole

Our Pole Flow classes are designed to use basics of Pole with the added mix of dance! This class is open to all levels of pole experience and is an hour dedicated to a short routine full of energy and sensuality.


With a focus on flexibility, this class combines many different types of stretching techniques and is designed for all levels of fitness and flexibility. Through a combination of partner and static stretching, this class will help start you on the road to being bendy, or help you work deeper into the stretch.

Private lessons

One on one lessons dedicated entirely to you! Great opportunity to progress your Pole, Aerial Yoga, Pilates, Calisthenics or Flexibility or to work on routines, competitions or performances. No experience needed. If you’re new to any of the above and scared to jump straight into a class then a private lesson could be for you.

$80/hr (1-2 people)

$120 (3 people)


With more than 20 classes a week across different days and times, check out what’s coming up over the next few days.

We are a Gold Coast based dance and fitness studio offering pole dancing, aerial hammock, flexibility and kids aerial classes. We cater for the absolute beginner right through to professional athletes of any age. Everyone has their own personal style of fitness – some people thrive in the hardcore gym community, some in the cross fit community, some are strictly dancers, some are a little more reserved and unsure.

Rokh Fit Studio is about more than just fitness; it’s a lifestyle dedicated to promoting and enhancing health and fitness through nurturing individuality. When you walk in our doors you are walking into a community of acceptance, support, and thriving energy.

Rokh Fit Studio is a place to challenge yourself, try new things and explore your capabilities in an environment that makes it fun and safe to do so! Our goal is to ensure that every time you finish a session at Rokh Fit, you leave stronger, healthier & happier!

Pricing Options
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