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Who Are We

At Rokh Fit Studio you will find a collection of classes designed to increase the strength, flexibility, confidence and overall fitness of every participant.

Choose from an array of fitness-based classes such as Pole, Aerial Yoga, Calisthenics and Pilates.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a studio where any and every person can enter without feeling intimidated or unwelcome, and leave as a better version of themselves. Rokh Fit encourages a supportive community of men and women who wish to challenge their ideas of their own capabilities.

What Is Rokh

The studio namesake is derived from a mythological bird of prey found throughout Persian history, known as the Rokh. This enormous bird was told to be strong, powerful and fearless features that embody the essence of what the founders were aiming to create with their studio. Thus, Rokh Fit was born!

Meet The Rokh Fit Team

Passionate, Qualified Instructors Dedicated To Providing The Highest Quality One-On-One & Group Classes

Phoebe Armfield

Phoebe Armfield

Founder & Instructor

A dancer to her core, Phoebe is one of Rokh Fit’s three founders. Passionate about movement and fitness from a young age, her dancing career started at age four in classical ballet, which she continued until her early 20s, when she first discovered pole dancing in Sydney.

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Her love for all things bendy and beautiful saw her expand her training as a physiotherapist into studying pilates, yoga and contortion – knowledge she now shares with the Rokh Fit Family.

Competition History (Started 2013):
  • Queensland Pole Championships 2013 – Amateur Division Champion
  • Rising All Stars 2013 – 1st place
  • Australia Pole Championships 2014 – Finalist
  • Aerial All Stars 2014 – Finalist in Pole Division
  • Rising All Stars 2015 – 2nd Runner Up
  • Circus Arts Division (Lyra)

  • Aerial Yoga
  • Pre-Advanced & Advanced Pole, Intermediate Pole, Beginner Pole
  • Stretch & Contortion Prep

Dance & Other History:
  • Classical Ballet
  • Jazz, Contemporary, Corporate Events, Australian Music Film Clips, Stage Shows
  • Appeared on Channel 9’s “What’s Good For You” comparing pole workouts to personal training in 2008
  • Aerialist, trained in lyra (aerial hoop) and aerial silks
  • Starred as solo pole act in Jupiter’s Casino Cabaret de Paris 2015 stage show
  • X-Pole Protégé
  • Indi Polewear Ambassador
  • Coolcare Ambassador
  • Physiotherapist
  • Owner of Bump Fitness, pre and post-natal physiotherapy care
  • Certified Pilates & Yoga Instructor

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Anna Sokol

Anna Sokol

Advanced Pole Instructor

Anna was born in the Ukraine and relocated to Australia in June 2015, Anna started dancing when she was just 4 years old. Starting with ballroom dancing, she soon discovered that alone was not enough and she yearned to grow and discover new dance styles.

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After trying many different styles of dance it became apparent that her passion lay with the street styles such as Hip-hop, House and Dancehall.

After many years dancing with a dance group, performing at many festivals and competitions throughout Europe and Ukraine, Anna became involved in dance instruction and choreography and went on to choreograph many performances with a studio in Kiev.

“I love sharing my emotions with people through dance performance and when I am on the stage I feel like the happiest person alive.”

Dancing and performing has now become an integral part of Anna’s life. It has become her favourite way to can express herself, and she derives enormous joy from passing her knowledge and experience on to students.

  • Dancehall

Dance History:
  • Ballroom Dancing
  • Hip-Hip, House and Dancehall
  • Performed at multiple festivals and competitions as part of a dance group
  • Taught and choreographed many performances as an instructor

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Amy Rached

Amy Rached

Founder & Instructor

Amy is one of the founders of Rokh Fit, and began her pole journey at Australia’s first pole school, Bobbi’s Pole Studio in 2005. After moving from Sydney to Gold Coast in 2010, Amy once again took up pole and then opened Rokh in 2016.

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As a mother of four, Amy is a perfect embodiment of how empowering and beneficial pole dancing can be at ANY age. Choosing to follow her passion for pole has given her an outlet to free her mind from the pressures and strains of everyday life, which has resulted in an enormously positive effect on all other areas of her life.

“Seeing the joy on people’s faces when they achieve something they never thought they’d be capable of, big or small, is exactly why I love my job.” 

Years of teaching new students from all walks of life has provided Amy with a profound sense of fulfilment. On a daily basis she helps men and women discover a whole new world of physical strength and self-confidence, which she describes as an unbeatable feeling!

  • Barre
  • Beginner Pole
  • Pole Flow
  • Pilates

Dance History:
  • Former NRL Cheerleader
  • Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop

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Chloe Havlicek

Chloe Havlicek

Founder & Instructor

As one the three Rokh Founders, Chloe eats, sleeps and breathes pole. Chloe has been part of the pole world for five years now and continues to love the ever changing industry.

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“I can get lost in dancing, I train for hours because I lose track of time.”

After several years of teaching experience Chloe’s favourite aspects of pole remain watching the students grow and the improvement in their self-esteem, strength, and ability to nail tricks they never thought they could achieve. Above all else, the one thing that keeps her love for pole growing is her Pole Family.


  • Beginner Pole
  • Intermediate Pole
  • Floor Flow
  • Sexy Pole

Competition History
  • Pole Stars 2014 – 3rd Place
  • Pole Expressions 2014 – 2nd Place
  • Classic Division Pole Stars 2015 – 2nd Place
  • Finalist Queensland Pole Championships 2015
  • Finalist Pole Expressions 2016
  • Pole Expressions Classic Division 2017 – 2nd Place
  • Floorplay Finalist 2017
  • Pole Theatre Comedy Division Finalist 2017

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